The Central Public library of Novouralsk

The Central Public library of NovouralskThe Central Public library of Novouralsk opened its doors for the readers in March 13, 1992. It is one of the youngest libraries of Russia. The structure of library consists of the Central Public library and 4 branches: the V. F. Kornilov branch, branch «Art», branch «Izumrud» at the rehabilitation center and «Youth library-information centre».

The intellectual resource of library is its experts: today 84 librarians serves readers, 47 of them have higher education.

Lately the Central City library became information, educational and cultural centre of the city.

All the citizens of the town irrespective of their age, place of work and social status can be readers of the library. The total number of readers is about 30 000.

The book fund of the library is universal and it contains about 400 000 documents on the modern data bearers (including 15 000 in 32 foreign languages). The library subscribes about 500 periodical editions annually.

Throughout the year about 800 different concerts and performances with more than 30 000 people take place in the library.

The library has at its disposal coping machines, video and audio-apparatus, personal computers, some televisions and other technical equipment. Since January, 1998 the library is connected to the Internet.

Since January, 2000 all the readers of library have access to resources of Internet.

Since 1993 the network variant of Automated Information Library System «MARK» is introduced in the library. Thanks to it the majority of library processes are automated — conducting the electronic catalogue, search in the combined electronic catalogue of books and articles, account of readers, account of distribution of the literature.

Combined electronic catalogue includes more than 290 000 entries.

The library realizes a set of versatile projects:

  • «Alive planet» - continuous ecological education of the population
  • «Library without borders» — cultural rehabilitation of readers with the limited opportunities
  • «Creation of uniform information space in Novouralsk»
  • «Descendants orthodox know the past destiny of the grounds native…» (history and culture of Russia, study of local lore)
  • Consensus omnium: Corporate network of libraries of Ural
  • Megaproject «the Puchkin library: Books for Russian libraries»
  • Project of European commission PULMAN — XT «Public libraries in the era of the digital information»

Since 2001 within the framework of the project «Question to municipality» meetings between citizens of Novouralsk and representatives of city Administration and a Municipal Duma, heads of various establishments and the enterprises pass in library. At these meetings the major questions of life of the city are discussed.

In public reception of the governor of Sverdlovsk region «Days of the ministries» pass where questions of the population are answered by representatives of the various ministries and departments of Sverdlovsk region.


  • Literary — musical lounge meets the sitizens of Novouralsk 2 times a month, where the actors of the Sverdlovsk state academic philarmonic society act with concerts.
  • Chamber music lovers club «Inspiration» unites people keen on art since 1992.
  • «Intellectual games for senior pupils» help erudite young men and girls to prove and to show their knowledge.
  • English and German language lovers club «Lingva» unites pupils and teachers of foreign languages. Such meetings help to expand knowledge about foreign countries and to deepen knowledge of foreign language.
  • Clubs of history and local lore «Riphey» has united children who are interested in the history of native region. The basic purpose of the club «Riphey» is to study of local lore of pupils of 5-8 th forms and to support their creativity.
  • Study of local lore association «Silver hoof» helps pre-school children and younger schoolchildren to learn native region better.
  • Tournament of young critics annually imparts to schoolchildren of a basis of knowledge of art.
  • Elective course «I and my profession» helps senior pupils to choose their future profession.
  • Informational-discussional club «The 25-th sequence» teaches senior pupils to find an output from difficult situations, to find the conciliatory proposal of a problem during discussion.
  • Every Sunday children and their parents can come to so-called «Family Hour of the Rest-day». Different talks, games, parties and video-programs take place in the lecture hall.

The Central Public library of Novouralsk is the member of IFLA, UNESCO, Russian Library Association and Region library consortium Association.

Since 1998 the director of Central city library Bartova Svetlana Fedorovna heads the Section of public libraries of Russian Library Association.

Within the framework of work in Russian Library Association the Central Public library of Novouralsk conducts work on creation of a databank about public libraries of the country, organizes the All-Russia competition «Modern lines in service of readers», issues the bulletin «Public libraries», distributed among libraries of Russia.

In 2003 the Section of public libraries started work on introduction of Recommendations of European Council PULMAN-XT.

The library has friendly and professional connections with Russian and foreign colleagues (Latvia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Slovakia, Germany, Finland etc.) and also aspires to expand communications with libraries of other countries of the world.



624130, Novouralsk, Frunze Str., 13.

Tel.: (34370) 90-585; 90-262; 90-577,

Fax: (34370) 90-585

E-mail: adm_lib@foramail.ru
E-mail: adm_lib@mail.ru

Director of library Bartova Svetlana Fetorovna

Deputy Director on library work Mariskina Natalia Rudolfovna

Deputy Director on innovative-methodical work and marketing Krivoruchko Marina Valeryevna

Deputy Director on automation of library Kornylitsyna Nadezda Alexandrovna

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